As you probably know, the Chat Battles wiki has many accessable features for many users. One of these feature is the Wiki Chat, that can be accessable via the wiki activity or from any other main page. To prevent inappropriate behaviour, the wiki administrators created the following policy, to keep order. Please note that some rules from THE POLICY! still apply on the chat policy, even if they are missing from the Chat Policy.

);">The Chat Policy was first suggested by User:TomSkaDude, and was made for improving the environment of the wiki.</p>


  • Always Respect the decision of the Battle Ref, or you risk a kick or ban.
  • The chat is made for discussing about the wiki, although users can spend their free time chatting about club penguin and other things as well.
  • No revealing ages if the user is younger than 13 (revealing ages is not recommended anyway, even for older users).
  • No giving away personal info, such as address, family information, etc, however, because no rule in the wiki forbids saying BATTLER's country, there should not be problem in the wiki, too.
  • No swearing- using inappropriate language in order to offend users- or mentioning or adding alcohol, narcotics and sexual text to the chat. Please do not swear too much
  • It is also recommender to go over the Chat Battles for another time once a while, to make sure you do not break any rule of the wiki policy.
  • Chat Battles- we CAN only be Battlers Not soldiers
  • You can put External Links DO NOT POST TOO MANY OR BLOCK
  • You can lose 75 health points after a super-charged attack during a hard battle, 50 after a super-charged atack during a medium battle, and 35 after a super-charged attack during an easy battle.
  • You must not copy the opponent with high powers